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Funder Name: Cloud Apps Capital Partners
Funder Type: Venture Capital
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Cloud Apps Capital Partners is a market-focused venture capital firm helping early stage companies in the cloud business applications sector.

We know firsthand what it takes to build category-leading business application companies. We also recognize entrepreneurs need much more than capital which is why we differentiate and pride ourselves on the guidance and support we give entrepreneurs to help accelerate and maximize their business potential during the critical early stage.

Our firm is leading change in the venture market for early-stage companies with our market-focused Classic Series A approach which provides early stage investments of $3 to $6 million and full board support. This “classic” approach benefits entrepreneurs by giving them the right financial backing along with operational guidance from a seasoned, skilled and engaged investment firm.

Cloud Apps Capital Partners has more direct operating, commercial and venture experience building great cloud business app companies than any other early stage VC firm. This translates into unparalleled market and business insights, expertise and guidance for our entrepreneurs plus access to a world class network of cloud business software industry executives.

We are the leading investor in early stage cloud business applications companies. Our existing portfolio companies include great examples of cloud business application companies already tracking to global category leadership positions.

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