Chancery Hill Ventures

Funder Name: Chancery Hill Ventures
Funder Type: Venture Capital
Funder Location: Singapore
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We don’t invest in startups. We commit to relationships.

We fight for tenacious teams. We cradle defiant ideas. We forge unlikely partnerships. We value long-term purpose over short-term incentives.

Great teams can come from anywhere, and we make it a point to find them. The perfect match between founders and opportunities might be separated by thousands of miles and cultural barriers. We are driven by a firm belief that providing access fosters innovation.

Our focus is to grow our portfolio companies by matching them with opportunities in Asia. We originate, pre-fund, and manage each investment individually. Every startup we partner with is represented by our affiliates or partners and operationally based in Singapore.

We devote significant thought to our due diligence process. Whether a company benefits most from sales channels, cost optimization, branding or operations, we adapt. We don’t get involved if we can’t add value.

Our team is young. Our mindset reflects the founders we work with: humbled by painful lessons many times over but still hungry to overachieve. Our network is global. Our partners are committed. Our affiliates are experienced. We have no advantage save for the people we with work with.

We’re deliberate and candid in our ethos. We give back to our network and find meaning in building a cross-border community of limited partners, affiliates, and founders who strive to innovate. It endows us with a deep sense of responsibility.

We build bridges between innovative teams and market opportunities in Asia.

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