BWX Limited

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Funder Name: BWX Limited
Funder Type: Corporate
Funder Location: Australia, Victoria
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BWX is a global, natural beauty company with a portfolio of leading natural brands in Australia, USA, Canada, UK, China, and select other international markets.

Founded and headquartered in Victoria, Australia; our expertise in innovation, product development, manufacturing and marketing natural products makes us unique in the beauty industry.

Our goal at BWX is to make natural beauty the only choice for people wanting to live a healthy, balanced life, free from unnecessary toxins.

We believe everything we need to nourish, rejuvenate and enhance our bodies can be found in nature and our goal is to give people all over the planet a choice for natural personal care without compromising on performance.

We want to use our business to inspire the advancement of plant and mineral-based science without causing unnecessary harm to the planet.

We say NO to testing our products on animals, not because it suits our brands commercial goals, but because it is core to our belief system.

BWX is a business with purpose and believes in giving. We are actively involved in giving back to causes relating to the environment, social responsibility and projects that empower women.

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