Bionics Queensland

Funder Name: Bionics Queensland
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Funder Location: Australia, Queensland
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Bionics Queensland is a charity developed to promote cross disciplinary collaboration of end-users, research institutions, clinicians, industry and government in human bionics. Driven by the fundamental desire to deliver bionics solutions more quickly to those with disabilities, Bionics Queensland will establish a common network and platform for bionics end-users, scientists, engineers, financiers, government and entrepreneurs to share ideas, unlock opportunities, tackle the challenges and commercialise faster. Bionics Queensland will pursue new intersections between science, clinical practice and enterprise to accelerate bionics solutions. Many specialist disciplines are contributing to the growth of human bionics. Now is the time to take these specialities beyond their silos and advance bionics breakthroughs from the benchtop to the end user.

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