42 Ventures

Funder Name: 42 Ventures
Funder Type: Angel Group
Funder Location: Australia, Queensland
Funder Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/42ventures/
Funder URL: http://42ventures.com.au
Funder Overview:

We invest in high growth innovative companies. We invest directly, managing our own funds and also manage relationships with investors that co-invest with us.

Our funds and investments are targetted to be exempt from tax and international investors have additional incentives to invest.

42 Ventures started life as the venture arm of the Gold Coast Innovation Hub and now is a joint partner with Angel Loop. We both invest in Queensland companies and we invest outward from Queensland on behalf of our fund partners and investors.

Through the Gold Coast Innovation Hub & the Angel Loop ecosystem nationally, we have access to high-quality deal flow including companies operating within partner programs and through exposure to deal flow from other Innovation Hubs and their related investors globally.

We gain great insight into companies prior to investing in them and post investing in them. We know that the companies we invest in have access to all the resources they need to grow faster and more securely.

Investments/funding events:

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