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SecureVote provides decentralised organisations with a secure, scalable, and resilient system of governance, to reduce the chance of securities law violation, minimise dev time and cost, and empower users from day one.

SecureVote is a smartphone delivered, blockchain based governance solution designed to add value to crypto-token ecosystem and strengthen their long-term viability.

SecureVote is able to meet the governance demands of any token based ecosystem, large or small, through our unique second layer blockchain via Ethereum. SecureVote provides security, vote immutability, censorship resistance, and secret ballot voting at tremendous scale.

Category: Blockchain
Operational Status: Active
ASX Listing Code (if applicable):
Year of Commencement: 2016

9 Middlemiss St, Lavender Bay, NSW

State: New South Wales
Overseas Operations: No
Key Personnel: Nathan Spataro - CEO, Max Kaye - CTO,
Awards won:

Australian Technologies Competition - Semi-Finalist

Current Period Rank:


    Won the Cyber Security Award at the Australian Technologies Competition 2017 in Sydney

    Secured agreement with US-based Swarm Fund to develop the platform’s governance system

    September, 2017

    Finalist at the Australian Technologies Competition 2017 (Cyber Security category)


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