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Hi Welcome to Werkflo!

We offer software products for the financial services industry and other clients that choose us globally. Werkflo specialises in two areas of business, Regtech and Collaborative Tools. Regtech product: Kolate-it - the user can adapt, build and consolidate their compliance, risk management, audit management into one spot and collaborate across their business including with their auditor.

Many users have their compliance, risk and audit activities sitting in different spots or on different software applications. Imagine you can drop in your word or excel compliance activities and they just integrate with a risk management, document management or audit management framework. That saves time and money.

Collaborative tools: consists of Flowbiz which helps users develop their workflows. Chatabox assists the user with front-end sales, marketing and client information needs.

To us, integration in the market has been an afterthought particularly for compliance and regulatory needs. Companies worldwide add multiple systems to patchwork their needs and processes and some of their most important compliance materials sit on users drives. Little value in efficiencies occur and costs increase as different software applications either become outdated, don't talk to one another or they get harder to maintain. Again users have to assemble documents to get their compliance checked off. This lost time takes time away from doing business.

Werkflo product features give the ability to mix, match and integrate different business processes and data through its workflow automation and AI logic in a seamless way and gives the user real-time reporting.

We primarily act for regulated companies, trustees and asset management, client distribution and operational risk and compliance sectors to improve, streamline and get the user unparalleled efficiencies.

Just call, email or message us. We are always happy to chat.

URL: https://werkflo.com.au
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Year of Commencement: 2020


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