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Would you, your company, your supply chain or Government like to change the game on cyber crime AND make it easier to enjoy digital services across the internet? Are you trying to unlock your data across multiple systems, networks and firms to deliver intelligent digital services? VeroGuard Systems can help.

An Australian owned and developed innovation, we have 30 years heritage in developing new global security standards for networks that have stood the test of time. Now we've re-engineered an unprecedented level of security to be available over the internet in a form that a user won't even notice and is affordable to everyone. It is delivered via a powerful distributed platform with interoperability that enables mixed environments (legacy, cloud, traditional) to work together and across networks.

It is the first and only secure open internet based login to the cloud or enterprise networks. It is a proven ultra-secure technology using an anchored ID and multi-factor authentication (and decentralised authentication) providing true digital identity verification.

For your customers or as individuals, finally you can go cashless and cardless safely with a device that fits in your wallet and works with any other internet connected device (phone, tablet, PC) you have. Replace all those passwords with 1 PIN and use it to login, control your privacy, transfer docs, store other cards, make payments, NFC tap and go, or travel knowing our security goes where you go - for work or for personal life.

Category: Business software, Cyber Security
Operational Status: Active
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Year of Commencement: 2017

Melbourne, Victoria

State: Victoria
Overseas Operations: No
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