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UbiCar is a car insurance provider that aims to disrupt the Australian car insurance market by utilising state-of-the-art mobile telematics paired with industry-beating pricing algorithms to benefit end consumers.

UbiCar's technology includes mobile telematics, IoT, mobile sensing and machine learning and forms the basis of the free UbiCar mobile app which is available on iOS and Android.

The app measures and scores driving trips and ranks drivers on a leaderboard alongside other drivers.

Drivers with good scores for safe driving may earn a fairer-priced insurance quote, according to how they drive.

UbiCar Insurance customers receive a unique variable premium. This means they are provided with a base premium and then a minimum and maximum amount they could pay each month, depending on how they drive.

Safe driving is rewarded with lower insurance premiums!

UbiCar doesn’t just offer insurance to good drivers. Every trip logged on the UbiCar app contributes to their balance of UbiCoins, which can be used to enter competitions or buy real items in the UbiStore.

UbiCar: Fairer Car Insurance

Category: Automobiles, Insurtech, Location & mapping
URL: https://ubicar.com.au
Operational Status: Active
ASX Listing Code (if applicable):
Year of Commencement: 2014

Level 16, 56 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW Australia, 2000

State: New South Wales
Overseas Operations: No
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UbiCar.insurance/
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ubigroup_australia/
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