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Changing how career and study advice is sought and discovered, The Footnotes is a brand with a digital, social, print and face-to-face presence.

We speak to more than 300,000 + Australian students a month.
We have partnerships with more than 120 + Australian schools.
We have a social media following of 47,000 +
We work with universities, industry bodies and brands that want to share relevant content with our student audience (both high school and university).

Want to see HOW we work with schools? WATCH this 2 minute video.

Born from a frustration to find tangible career case studies that went beyond a generic ‘follow your dreams' mantra, we are sharing the missing footnotes as told by experienced friends, colleagues, peers and industry experts.

For sponsorship information please contact: [email protected] or call Samantha on 0424 033 277

Category: Edtech, People solutions
Operational Status: Active
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Year of Commencement: 2016

2/85 William Street Darlinghurst, 2/85, Sydney , NSW 2010, AU

State: New South Wales
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