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We are a Digital Art Platform that provides creative solutions and opportunities for art within your business. We’ve been managing art projects for the last 10 years through our sister agency Art Pharmacy and have seen a growing appreciation for digital art from both our clients and artists. Sugar Glider Digital is a purpose-built agency tailored to facilitate the growth in demand for digital art. We bring our experience as art curators and our knowledge of the industry to help connect you with quality digital art & manage your NFT projects.

We believe building relationships with artists is the key to impactful story-telling and assuring we represent them in a conscious and respectful way. We work closely with them to build their digital portfolio and find the right opportunities for their work. We use NFTs and blockchain technology to secure authenticity and provenance for both our artists and our clients.

The projects we produce are community specific and people-centric. We work with digitally created art, generative art, motion graphics, cinemagraphs, animation, 3D art and have an in-house animator who works with our analogue artists.

Our creative NFT art consultancy for our clients starts with listening to their needs - we love problem solving. The projects we produce are community specific and people-centric. We work with clients across a range of scopes including corporations, not-for-profit and public realm. Our objective is to produce dynamic, immersive and interactive art to activate public spaces, realise ideas and tell stories. Digital art is a valued Place and Experience making tool for our clients.

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