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smrtr is a data and analytics company that create aggregated insights and audiences by applying industry partner transactions to a data universe of 16m Australians. Data is usually created and made available in silos, meaning users only get a single view of the world, however the true picture only emerges from connecting several different views, which is what smrtr is able to offer.

Our industry transaction-based approach has zero reliance on cookie-based tracking, meaning our solutions are built using genuine purchase data. No other company in Australia offers as many points of view on the world as smrtr does. Within our smrtr data universe of 16 million Australians we have close to 50 billion transactions and data points on mobile usage and location, purchasing behaviour, financial transactions, property insights and automotive buying behaviour.

smrtr was founded by Georgie Brooke and Dr Boris Guennewig, who after decades working with data in the business and medical fields, identified a way to bring data supply and demand together in a systemised and transparent manner. Together their aim is to make audience targeting and data consultancy available to businesses of all sizes and harness data's power to drive positive change.

We provide on-demand audience segments, insights and advisory services including data enrichment, data sandpits, custom segmentations, campaign optimisation, market sizing, media planning and more.

If you are interested to learn how we can help you, visit us at

Category: Data analytics
Operational Status: Active
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Year of Commencement: 2020

Sydney, AU

State: New South Wales
Overseas Operations: No
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