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Sektor specialises in delivering innovative and efficient technologies for the retail, networking, security, healthcare, ergonomics, payments and mobility markets. Our passionate, dedicated and deeply knowledgeable team is second to none, offering unparalleled industry and technology expertise to help our partners build winning solutions for their customers.

Sektor has the distribution fundamentals expertly covered:
global industry-leading vendors
significant investment in stock
state of the art order processing system
sophisticated online portal, where partners can buy online, manage dedicated inventory and access special pricing
streamlined and efficient warehouse system and logistics infrastructure
Our distribution expertise means our partners can be 100% confident that they'll have the very best products, at the right price, exactly when and where they need them.

But Sektor goes further ‚ offering a wide range of distribution extras', giving our partners the opportunity to Lean on us' for additional services:
pre-sales consultancy
staging and configuration
education and training
dedicated inventory
drop ship
managed roll-outs
Our complete portfolio of services offers 360 degree value to resellers.

This level of partner value has seen Sektor grow rapidly from its foundation in 2009 into the distribution powerhouse it is today; a 140+ strong team, with hundreds of years of combined experience, operating in 10 cities, with 5 warehouses, across Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Thailand and Malaysia.

As a 100% channel focused business, everything Sektor does is about delivering value to our partners. We constantly research industry and technology trends and we build trusted vendor relationships, to ensure we can bring our partners the latest and greatest ‚ helping them to engage more deeply with their customers by delivering technology that improves business outcomes.

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Year of Commencement: 2014


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