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Saybubble helps you connect with the places that are important to you.

Post your views and news to any city in the world. Simply link your post to one of our city pages to maximize your audience. Once your post is made public to a city, it’s there for everyone to see and comment on, so what starts off as a local issue could gain attention through a city page and then end up trending.
Connect with the places that are important to you by following your favourite cities from around the world and linking them to your news feed.

Why not follow the city you grew up in, the one you live in and maybe even your next travel destination? Discover what the people there are talking about - local trends, opinions, breaking news, events and more.
When you post publicly to a city page, your post is rated by other users and the higher the rating, the higher up the page your post will sit for all to see. Get the kudos you deserve for posting the best content and rate other users for their contribution.

Category: Adtech & martech, Social media
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Perth Western Australia

State: Western Australia
Overseas Operations: Yes
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