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RedGrid has a bold ambition to tackle issues of climate change around the globe by changing people's relationship with energy. With consumer mindsets shifting towards an increasingly climate-conscious focus, we have made it our mission to make it easy for individuals to reduce their impact, increase their benefit from new energy resources, and be rewarded for their good energy actions. We align the incentives of business, people and the planet to build a cleaner future.

At RedGrid, we use a deep software layer to connect all of the energy-relevant appliances and devices within your home and the electricity grid, to create intelligent coordination for your device use, supercharge your solar and storage payback, and support your neighbourhood's energy use. This enables devices to react to market conditions and signals, and transact value. RedGrid's Virtual MicroGrid enables building managers and homeowners to take their solar power systems and energy-using appliances, (like air conditioning units or pool pumps) to the next level, giving them a brain to coordinate with your neighbours and community, and be rewarded for it.

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Year of Commencement: 2019

1 Monash Street, Morwell VIC 3840

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