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Australia's #1 experts in Licensing, NCCP Compliance, Policy Documentation and File Auditing.

If you are looking to obtain an Australian Credit Licence, then QED Risk Services is the best team for you to join up with. The QED team has applied for more ACLs than anyone else in Australia and has a 99%* success rate with those applications. Particularly in 2017, ACLs are getting harder to obtain as ASIC's requirements get stricter. As QED Risk Services deals with ASIC every day, we are the best qualified team to help you.

If you already have your Australian Credit Licence, then you should be aware there are a number of obligations for a Credit Licensee to meet for NCCP compliance. At QED Risk Services, we say that if you're finding compliance difficult, then you're doing it wrong. Within our adaptable set of products and services, there is definitely a flexible solution to assist you with all of your ACL compliance needs and make sure that the "men-in-black"‚Äã stay away! Our solutions can save you time and money.

In 2010, QED rolled out QED Credit Services (ACL 387856) as an alternative way for brokers to become credit representatives without being tied to a particular lender panel or aggregator. QED Credit Services was rebranded as Pursuit Broker Services in 2017, still being the only company that offers this solution to brokers.

Pursuit Broker Services - https://www.pursuitbroker.com.au/

In 2011, QED rolled out its online QED CompliFast solution, the only true compliance system that is aimed primarily at the mortgage broker sector. This unique system gives mortgage brokers access to best-in-class compliance monitoring and documentation at a price of a half to a third of the average broker PI premium.

CompliFast - https://www.complifast.com.au/

If you are interested in our services or would like to learn more, please feel free to contact us on 1300 817 662.

URL: https://www.qedrisk.com.au/
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