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Automate Complex Human Behavior with Presagen’s Behavioral AI Automation Platform.

Presagen has a world-leading team of specialists and advanced AI technology that can automate complex human behavior. Presagen’s Behavioral AI Automation Platform, with its evolving library of human-behaviors and task specific automation products, enables rapid configuration and on-demand access to automation software for businesses.

Automate complex human-centric tasks using unique AI technology from the Defense sector:
- Automate tasks requiring human-like reasoning, decisions and judgement
- Add real intelligence to your current Robotic Process Automation (RPA) or AI initiatives
- Automate core back-office, front-office, or mundane administrative tasks
- Increase productivity, performance and consistency

How is Presagen Different?
Mainstream automation or AI techniques like RPA and machine learning are good at automating simple repetitive tasks, as they focus on COPYING what people do. However, these techniques don’t work well for complex human-centric tasks that require human-like reasoning and intelligence. Presagen uses a behavioral AI technique that emerged from the Defense sector (US DARPA, UK, Canada and Australia) that can automate complex human behavior. Behavioral AI focuses on UNDERSTANDING what people do. It is based on behavioral science and psychology, and uses a cognitive architecture to represent WHY and HOW people behave, reason and make decisions, to enable machines to exhibit human-like behavior and intelligence.

Category: AI, Business software, Health & biotech
Operational Status: Active
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Adelaide, SA

State: South Australia
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    October, 2017

    Won Tech23’s Greatest Potential Award

    September, 2017

    Founder Dr Michelle Perugini nominated for 3 Winnovation SA awards

    Launched AI platform for image-based medical diagnostics

    Selected for Tech23 showcase


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