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Portable PPB Pty Ltd holds the exclusive global licence to the CSIRO invented low level gold by pXRF technology known as detectORE(TM). For the first time, this technology enables gold explorers to gain ppb level gold analyses anywhere using off-the-shelf pXRF and the use of a single use consumable that we refer to as a "widget". The company has been undertaking extensive tests and field trials, working with Industry Partners through an innovative sponsorship scheme. To date more than 20,000 samples, tests and experiments have been completed at our dedicated research facility in Perth, Western Australia. The tests have been supervised by Dr Mel Lintern, inventer of detectORE(TM). The tests have covered most commonly encountered regolith materials (soils, drainage, calcrete, rock and drill samples - RC/AC/DD & Auger) and a broad range of mineralisation styles including orogenic, porphyry (Cu-Au), epithermal, carlin and IRG. Our industry partners and sponsors have access to the technology now, with widespread commercial sales of the widgets to commence in 2022. The technology is simple, safe, robust and easy to use. It is designed to be operated by technicians, anywhere. It is more than a gold analysis. It is a process, in that it facilitates decisions to be made from the field camp, avoiding "The Wait" associated with traditional work flows. Geologists armed with gold assays anywhere, within 10 hours, can react to the results and redirect work to focus on those areas returning relevant results from surface, near surface or subsurface samples. They can be guided by gold assays to find gold and thus explore in a smarter, much faster and highly cost effective way valued by Investors, Company Boards, CEOs/MDs, Exploration Managers, geologists, field crews and all of us who get a buzz out of finding economic gold deposits.

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