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At Slyp (previously Ping Data) we are in the business of customer experience and we think paper receipts are so last century - they are painfully inconvenient for customers and a missed engagement opportunity for retailers. Paper receipts offer little value beyond a proof of purchase resulting in 3 out of 4 receipts being “binned” shortly after purchase. That’s a lot of very valuable data being thrown in the bin each day. Our mission is to re-imagine receipts, we want to unlock their missed potential and make them fit for today's “smart” world.

That’s why we have invented a breakthrough technology called SmartReceipts™. We link purchase receipts to a customer’s bank card which means we can “automagically” send them to their everyday banking app – right next to the transaction. No email, no scanning, just pay as normal and let the magic happen!

By linking receipts to customers through their bank account, we are able to “close the loop” for retailers. This opens seriously game changing opportunities for retailers to identify and engage with their customers post-purchase. And for Banks, we can provide a meaningful value added service that increases customer satisfaction and enhances operational efficiency.

Category: Consumer goods, Fintech
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5/50 York St, Sydney NSW 2000

State: New South Wales
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