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PayDock is payments middleware unlocking access to all payment types and solutions through a single API.

PayDock lets you:
- Unlock new features within your existing payment stack
- Set your data free to be used how you want, where you want - in real-time
- Optimise your customer and donor experiences
- Set up failover gateways should something go wrong with your payments provider.

Started in Australia, PayDock is the result of 11 years of analysis and hard work learning payment needs and opportunities within digital strategy.

For the last 2.5 years we've been forging a new type of payment service. A payment platform that lets you take payments the way you want, take advantage of new services and grow your business without being trapped.

Our roots in not-for-profit digital strategy means we understand the need to bringing efficiency in all areas of operation while helping you tell your story in the most compelling way possible.

PayDock reduces cost, increases conversions and opens up new possibilities for customer engagement.

Ask us how.

Category: Business software, Fintech
Operational Status: Active
ASX Listing Code (if applicable):
Year of Commencement: 2015

Level 5, 155 Clarence St Sydney NSW 2000

State: New South Wales, Victoria
Overseas Operations: No
Awards won:

Payments Innovator Of The Year Finalist - Fintech Business Awards
Winner - UKTI Start-Up Competition