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Nucleus Wealth offers personalised managed investment solutions and superannuation for individuals, superannuation funds and corporates.

Delivering affordable technology-based investment solutions that offers portfolio tailoring, ethical flexibility, transparency and world-class investment research. Whilst minimising the costs involved for your very own separately managed account.

Talk to us today and let us help you better focus on the important things in life.


When you invest, with anyone not just Nucleus, you should consider four key elements:

The investment philosophy: How are the investments made, who makes the decisions and are you getting an integrated investment solution or multiple managers with competing views?

Customisation: Do you get a standard portfolio, or is the portfolio customised to your risk and income needs? Is the money invested with your ethics in mind?

Structure: How is your investment structured? Is it tax efficient? How are you protected ‚ i.e. is there a custodian to make sure that investment manager can't embezzle your money? Is it transparent ‚ i.e. do you know what stocks underlie the portfolio or is it a ‚"black box"?

Fees: How many layers of fees are there between you and the actual stocks or bonds that you own?

Nucleus Wealth strives to help you take control of your financial wellbeing through our transparent investment model that utilises the latest technology meaning you avoid the "ticket clipping"‚Äã whilst still getting access to world class asset management.

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Year of Commencement: 2016


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