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The smarter, simpler way to save on home phone calls
Keep your Telco - skip their expensive rates
Forget all the hassle of comparing providers, rates and inclusions. Get great value rates from The Buzz without switching to a new Telco. It's very easy. Simply plug our clever device - called the BuzzBox® - into your regular (or cordless) handset and your telephone wall socket.
A money-saving brain for your home phone
By adding the BuzzBox to your home phone, you're able to make your usual home phone calls without having to pay your usual Telco rates. It's like adding a money-saving brain to your home phone.

The BuzzBox® activates each time you dial out. Whenever the BuzzBox® activates, your phone calls are seamlessly delivered (and billed) by The Buzz - instead of your Telco. So you automatically get great value rates, and easily avoid expensive home phone charges.

Category: Telecom
Operational Status: Pre-launch
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Perth Western Australia

State: Western Australia
Overseas Operations: No
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