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MSM Corporation International is a thought lab for digital creative propulsion.
We offer a series of products designed to help others promote their creative force, products that allow for creative expression to be articulated, curated, disseminated and monetized on a global scale, using the most advanced social engagement technologies.

Category: Entertainment, Media
Operational Status: Active
ASX Listing Code (if applicable): MSM
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Level 8, 90 Collins Street

State: New South Wales, Victoria
Overseas Operations: Yes
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    August, 2017

    US music star Usher appointed chief creative director and judge for MSMCI's smartphone-delivered talent show

    June, 2017

    Entered into an agreement with Boomopolis as part of the marketing program for the launch of the worldwide Megastar competition


    December, 2017

    Raised $3.4m from new and existing insitutional shareholders, including EAS Advisors (US) and Doug Barry

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