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MODLR, short for Modeler, is the world's first Multidimensional Collaborative Spreadsheet.

Log onto MODLR today and experience the difference.

MODLR is a leading provider of business and financial modelling software which comes with advanced planning and forecasting tools, rapid modelling, no limits' scaling, comparative scenario analysis with unlimited variables and capabilities for multi-site, large scale cross-company collaborative planning.

It can be employed for many functions within your business, including:

Automate time-consuming tasks in budgeting and accounting, perform
consolidations and prepare financial statements.

Operational record keeping applicable to any scale of
industry or function.

Speeding up your Corporate Performance Management (CPM), which is
customizable to fit your unique business needs.

Enabling you and your team to log in and work from anywhere, anytime, to
serve the needs of modern business.

The ability to secure data down to cell level, multiple levels of authority, data
change audit logs, secure collaboration, drilling down for detail, ease of
integrating with unlimited data sources are MODLR features you'll love.

Automated nightly backups, formula transparency, flexible user interface
including the complete RESTful API are features our users value.

MODLR's connected, collaborative cloud platform reaps the ongoing
benefits of realtime information and productivity gains--saving time, money
and the hassle.

MODLR's engine running at the heart of each cloud instance is the
culmination of years of research and development on specialized data
holding, manipulation, indexing and processing algorithms from leading
experts in the data analytics community.

Both the price point and the user experience enables MODLR to lead your business to increased agility, productivity and profit.

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