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In Nature
Nature has developed patterned surfaces that achieve specific functions or impart specific properties. Low-drag shark skin, the super-hydrophobic surface of lotus leaves, anti-reflective moth eyes and adhesive gecko feet are all the result of microscopic functional surfaces.

In Lab
Microtau’s proprietary DCM technology has the potential to offer faster, cheaper, more scalable and more versatile microfabrication at least an order of magnitude improvement over existing technologies. In addition, it is able to print out of existing UV coatings, leveraging the properties of existing materials.

In the Future
In addition to developing a direct to surface application, such as that to be used to paint a plane or ship, Microtau is integrating its process into conveyor systems, and roll-to-roll systems that produce self-adhesive ‘applique’ films.


Core patents have been filed in key markets and further patents are planned to protect the technology platform and future products.

Category: Hardware & devices
URL: https://www.microtau.com.au/
Operational Status: Active
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Year of Commencement: 2015

Unit 6, 2 Bolton Street

State: New South Wales
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