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Literacy For Boys is an effective online program targeted at boys to improve their literacy skills in a fun and engaging way.

Literacy is fundamental to success in life. It is important for an individual to not only read the words on a page but also to engage successfully with the text.

LFBs core philosophy is that for boys to learn they must first be interested and engaged in the material presented to them. One of our favourite quotes is from the award winning childrens and young adult author James Moloney, "A good book for a boy is one he wants to read. We also believe you have to work with boys, not against them, in the way the material is delivered.

So with this in mind, LFB has developed material that boys will love.

And what do boys love?

They love spies and fast cars, sport, animals that kill, rodeo clowns, weird insects, robotics, gaming. The list is endless. LFB has quite a number activities on all sorts of topics for a boy to enjoy and delivered in a format that is fun and in a way they can relate to.

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Year of Commencement: 2017

111 Eagle St, Brisbane, QLD 4000, AU

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