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LinkSafe provides unrivalled company customisation and personalisation. We work with our clients to determine tailored solutions to meet their online induction and contractor management needs. LinkSafe systems also help businesses manage their compliance requirements. LinkSafe conducts a thorough needs analysis and provides online solutions for company inductions, pre-qualifications, certifications and records management. All systems include client‚ company branding and logos for easy identification and familiarity.

As our online induction and contractor management solutions are not off-the-shelf, LinkSafe can offer total flexibility so that online systems can evolve over time. As modules are added, consistency is retained to ensure ease-of-use and user-friendliness.

While each LinkSafe module provides its own benefits for induction, contractor and safety management, the most powerful feature of LinkSafe is the inter-connectedness of the system. Each module links effectively to other modules within the system to provide thorough cross-referencing, validation, and monitoring.

Utilising the combined system intelligence, LinkSafe can then cleverly authorise and produce relevant ID cards and/or certificates for inductees, staff and contractors.

LinkSafe Fundamentals include;

✓ Each client's system has an independent portal – no need for login via the LinkSafe website.

‚úì Modules are branded for identification and consistent corporate branding

‚úì Tailored service and set-up of modules and systems

‚úì Customer branding extends to all identification (ID) cards and certificates

‚úì Email verifications and reports are company branded and automated

✓ Ongoing Support – All clients receive personalised, substantial support by real people with real solutions

‚úì Training and support is included in all solutions

✓ System Maintenance – Regular system upgrades to ensure superior performance

Contact LinkSafe 1300 558 102 to request a demonstration.

Category: Business software, People solutions
Operational Status: Active
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Year of Commencement: 2005

Level 1, 366 Whitehorse Road, Nunawading, Victoria 3131, AU

State: Victoria
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