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Liandra Swim fuses Aboriginal Australian Culture with on-trend premium designer swim + resort wear. Our swimwear includes seamless designs and striking prints. All our bikini's are sold separately, to allow you to mix-n-match styles, prints and sizes.

Our signature prints are inspired by our Aboriginal Australian culture. Our desire is to give you the opportunity to exhibit a slice of culture, that has been tens-of-thousands of years in the making! Each collection represents a unique story, with each of the prints delving deeper into that narrative.

The stories and prints we create are inspired by our livid-experience and individual journey. Our prints are a contemporary representation of our culture and how we identify see the world around us.

Category: Consumer goods
Operational Status: Active
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Year of Commencement: 2018

1/5 Goyder Road, Parap, Northern Territory 0820, AU

State: Northern Territory
Overseas Operations: No
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