KOBA Insurance

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KOBA Insurance is on a mission to help over 10M Aussie drivers lower their annual premiums by only charging them for what they use.

Powered by our technology platform, we're unlocking your car's onboard computer and enabling your car to join the IOT revolution. KOBA uses connected car data to measure actual kilometres travelled, offering a true pay-per-km insurance policy and a fairer solution to low-usage drivers.

KOBA is launching in October 2021. Visit www.kobainsurance.com to pre-register and join the pay-per-km movement today.

Category: Insurtech
URL: http://www.kobainsurance.com.au
Operational Status: Active
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Year of Commencement: 2020

Docklands, Victoria 3008, AU

State: Victoria
Overseas Operations: No
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