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Hive is a software mapping platform, allowing you to catalogue, map and make informed decisions on the software driving your business.

In this digital first world, your business processes are run on software, your orders are taken on software and your customers are managed via software. Software is your business.

Understanding and navigating your software is a key requirement to succeed in 2018 - and we're finding that organisations that are more intimate with how their business operates are able to innovate and excel.

Hive provides multiple features including:
* A central, accessible metadata catalogue - store data once, use many times for many purposes
* Powerful natural language search
* User-friendly visualisation engine
* Third party connectors & open API

Category: Business software
Operational Status: Active
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Year of Commencement: 2017

31 Queen St, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, AU

State: Victoria
Overseas Operations: No
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