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From a small pilot project, to becoming one of Australia’s most successful exports, Gruntify ( is an innovative tasking and data management platform taking mobile, cloud and geospatial technologies by storm.

Gruntify’s unique blend of data collection, online management, mapping and collaboration are unmatched in the market. Its cutting edge technology is so versatile that it is being used in the Peruvian Amazon to capture information on jaguar sightings, signs and habitat, while simultaneously saving Queensland-based customers thousands of hours in labour by cutting out paper-based data capture forms.

To put it simply, Gruntify allows organisations to manage workflows, assign tasks, analyse, map and report collated information through a snap and tap application that reports real-time image and location data. The platform was developed in 2014 when the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads wanted a way to track and eliminate civic issues across the state. GIS People, the parent company of Gruntify created a solution, an innovative mobile-to-cloud data collection and management platform which has developed into the unique and practical platform used across the globe today.

Given its endless potential applications, Gruntify has been introduced to corporate giants such as Microsoft and government entities worldwide, with plans to expand into North Africa and the United States in 2017.

Category: Business software, IoT
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Brisbane, QLD

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    GIS People, creator of Gruntify, named sixth fastest-growing IT company in the 2017 CRN Fast 50


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