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The GPS Log Book device plugs into a cigarette lighter socket and tracks the use of a vehicle while also enabling the user to charge a USB device. Once plugged into the socket, the device requires no cables in order to function. This prevents the unsightly and inconvenient mess of cables which often occurs with traditional GPS tracking devices. The device features a high sensitivity GPS and intelligent logging software allowing it to accurately record the time, position and speed of a vehicle at any point in a journey. The logged data is uploaded to the GPS Log Book server when the device is connected to a computer. The GPS Log Book device has been specifically designed and tested with GPS performance, build quality and ease of use in mind, allowing it to integrate seamlessly with the day to day activities of any person who would require a vehicle usage logging device.

Category: Automobiles, Location & mapping, Transport & Logistics
Operational Status: Active
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Suite 1, 300 Rokeby Rd
Subiaco, 6008
Western Australia

State: Western Australia
Overseas Operations: No
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