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We began Force Hooks to address the gap between bulky, lab grade equipment and real world conditions. Current options are heavy, expensive, and take up a huge amount of floor space for how often they get used. These shortcomings are so prevalent that even in facilities that cater to hundreds of athletes per day, it’s uncommon to see more than 1 or 2 force plates. It’s not practical to have a force plate at every squat rack.

We sat down and wrote out a list of everything we wanted from a product. Then we set out to make it happen. Some of the requirements were as follows:

Integrate into the training environment by attaching to existing equipment

Ability to measure compound movements (IMTP, ISQT, Nordics, ASH test, Iso Bench, Iso Bench Pull)

Ability to measure isolated muscles (Shoulder IR/ER, Hip Abduction/Adduction, Knee flexion/Extension, etc)

Small enough to take as carry on luggage while travelling

Function without* connecting a tablet, phone, or laptop

Function without* an ongoing subscription or connection to the internet

Integrated rechargeable battery that lasts weeks between charges

Accurate and affordable

Development is a constant process of iteration and change. Details may change slightly but the vision remains. To produce the best isometric testing device available and get it into the hands of as many coaches as possible. That’s it.

Category: Hardware & devices, Sport & fitness
Operational Status: Active
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Year of Commencement: 2019

Perth, Western Australia

State: Western Australia
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