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Flaunter is a SaaS-enabled marketplace transforming the marketing and PR industry.

It's where brands and media come together to create, connect, and collaborate. Every four minutes a journalist downloads an image on Flaunter. Every five minutes journalists and brands get in touch directly on Flaunter. And that's only in the beauty, fashion and interiors verticals, our initial target market.

We offer a streamlined platform for brands to upload and organise their high resolution, media-ready content (photos, videos, documents and more!) and an easy-to-access system for media to follow, find, and download it. We also offer an image-based sample tracking solution for brands and PR agencies who need to keep samples in order and accounted for. And we're only just getting started.

Flaunter for Brands - Make it easy for media to talk about your brand more often. Grow your media network and never miss a call out. Track and analyse how your brand is performing. Be part of the community that already has 87% of journalists on it from our target industries. Plus, keep your samples in check with Flaunter's image-based sample tracking solution.

Flaunter for Media - Access high resolution images and products from 300+ fashion, beauty & interiors brands, including many of the biggest names in the business. View and download the latest high quality content with full credit and in store details. Discover new brands. Submit personal briefs and receive a curated image selection that fits exactly what you need.

Flaunter. Every picture is a story.

Category: Adtech & martech, Marketplace
URL: http://www.flaunter.com
Operational Status: Active
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Year of Commencement: 2015

Level 1, 66 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst, NSW 2010, AU

State: New South Wales
Overseas Operations: No
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/flaunter/
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