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Fivecast delivers insights from data. Fivecast was formed through a collaboration between Australia's national security agencies and various research organisations.

We live in complex times, where threats to the safety and security of our communities are more persistent than at any other time in human history.

For those tasked with combating these threats, the enormity of the challenge can often feel overwhelming.

In order to be more effective and efficient, those leading the fight must continue to evolve, just as our adversaries have.

Fivecast is at the forefront of new technologies leading this evolution and taking the fight to those threatening our way of life.

As a world-leading provider of cutting-edge digital intelligence solutions, Fivecast delivers the world’s most important public and private organisations with the capability to explore masses of digital data, gaining insights which are critical in protecting our communities.

Utilising leading edge AI-enabled technology and with the ability to solve the most complex intelligence challenges, there is no other technology that has the capabilities of Fivecast’s solutions.

Fivecast shines a light into the darkest of places, helping the world’s protectors keep our communities safe.

Category: Cyber Security, Data analytics, Safety & security
Operational Status: Active
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Year of Commencement: 2017

Kent Town, SA

State: South Australia
Overseas Operations: No
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