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Complete Home Filtration specialises in the installation of whole of home water filtration systems ensuring clean, delicious water from every tap that is not only better for your health and pocket but better for your home and the environment too. Never pay for bottled water again and enjoy water that is kinder to your skin and hair and everything in the home that uses water, including your water using fixtures and appliances.

Here at Complete Home Filtration, we love nice water. Our friends call us water snobs! We can sniff out a glass of unfiltered tap water at 50 yards and so can our kids! We live and breathe good water and believe passionately that everyone should be drinking, showering and bathing in clean, freshly filtered, softened and chlorine free water, especially if you are a bottle fed baby, child or have specific health concerns like sensitive skin or asthma.

Category: CleanTech
Operational Status: Active
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Year of Commencement: 2014

67 Howe St, Osborne Park, Western Australia 6017, AU

State: Western Australia
Overseas Operations: No
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