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CurveBeam AI pioneered WBCT systems for the orthopedic & MSK specialties. Examining bone & joint alignment in a functional position allows for better diagnosis of lower extremity conditions including flat foot, patellar instability, and hip dysplasia. CurveBeam AI has installed more than 160 systems around the globe at leading orthopedic institutions.

CurveBeam AI’s global operations headquarters for product development, Regulatory, manufacturing and operations including marketing, sales and customer care are in Hatfield PA, USA. CurveBeam AI’s corporate office in Melbourne, VIC, Australia, covers AI research & development, corporate finance, and IP functions. CurveBeam AI has 51 employees and is an unlisted public company backed by several major professional investors.

Category: AI, Health & biotech
Operational Status: Pre-launch
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Year of Commencement: 2009

470 Collins St, Suite 10.05, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, AU

State: Victoria
Overseas Operations: Yes
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