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Credit Sense is a leading provider of financial data analysis and reporting products, with customers across Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Many of our client lenders are well-recognised brands capitalising on the value that Credit Sense products can provide to their businesses and customers.

Credit Sense removes friction in customer onboarding, compliance and fraud processes for financial institutions, fintechs, utilities and other businesses. We enable businesses to reduce customer abandonment and deliver smooth digital onboarding flows while improving their fraud, compliance and risk assessment controls.

Data alone is not enough as businesses need solutions that help them understand customer data in the context of the problem they are solving. We provide solutions for assessing affordability and risk, managing compliance, validating information and solving a range of other friction points in onboarding and customer management processes.

Our advanced, highly secure platform enables lenders to access transaction history and reporting for their customers, tailored to meet the needs of specific markets. The ability to easily and safely share financial data between businesses and their customers, enables consumers to enjoy a secure, seamless experience from start to finish. This results in increased completion rates and for businesses to meet responsible lending obligations and manage risk.

Credit Sense is cost effective, delivered on-line and can be seamlessly integrated into on-line, in-store or mobile application processes. For more information or to discuss how Credit Sense can help your business visit or contact us on 07 3118 5233.

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