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Conry Tech is a climate tech company, focused on reinventing air-conditioning to decarbonise and improve comfort, founded by award winning experts in these fields.
Conry Tech believe that energy conservation and energy efficiency need to be the top priorities in making the world more sustainable, and with heating and cooling taking 40% of the world's power, these should be a priority focus.
Therefore Conry Tech have devised a new approach, and innovative technology to change how air-conditioning is done, reducing the environmental impact of the built environment, dramatically improving efficiency, and improving comfort, health, and building flexibility.
Conry Tech, founded by award winning HVAC experts who have already changed the industry for the better in the past, are bringing their specialised experience, knowledge and proven ability to turn clever ideas into commercial products, to this new endeavour to fundamentally change how buildings are heated and cooled.
This company is founded by Ron Conry, the award winning inventor of the major technological breakthroughs the HVAC industry has seen over the last 40 years, and Sam Ringwaldt, who has been at the forefront of the adoption of oil-free high efficiency chiller technology globally for almost 20 years. The product designs Ron previously developed have seen HVAC systems power consumption reduced by over 50%, and have radically changed the HVAC industry worldwide. Sam has been responsible for introducing these technologies in dozens of countries, getting governments and the private sector to embrace new technology, and has been the first to get oil-free chillers installed throughout Asia.

Category: CleanTech
Operational Status: Active
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Year of Commencement: 2019

3/42 Ramset Dr, Chirnside Park, Victoria 3116, AU

State: Victoria
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