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Our mission is to democratise wealth and freedom through crypto to millions.

Collective Shift gives investors and traders access to a suite of tools, expert daily insights, opportunity alerts, and a thriving community.

The metaverse is in its infancy. It is still often messy, volatile, challenging, and untrustworthy. Investors and traders are hungry for opportunities and want to maximise returns during this once-in-a-lifetime exponential wealth transfer.

Determining how to properly position themselves, allocate their portfolios, and identify what to invest in is almost impossible.

Most resort to reactive behaviours and FOMO their way into projects because of hype and promise. Sadly, many people end up making poor investment decisions and are left wondering how they’re losing when seemingly everyone else is winning.

According to research by Cardify, over 1 in 3 buyers admit they “know little to nothing about cryptocurrency as a whole”. And no wonder.

To actually make informed, proactive, educated decisions and have both a macro and micro level awareness of the industry as one individual person is virtually impossible.

That’s where Collective Shift comes in…

We know that no one person can do this alone, and believe in the power of the collective — our experts and community. Together, with our world-class expert investors, research analysts, passionate team, and dedicated members, we can confidently move toward our collective success.

Category: Crypto, Fintech
Operational Status: Active
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Year of Commencement: 2020

35 Walnut Street 3121 Melbourne - Cremorne Victoria - Australia

State: Victoria
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