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Collaborate Corporation Limited (ASX: CL8) is a leading ASX listed player in the sharing economy and has created platform technology to operate online marketplaces where the ‘trust’ it creates allows individuals and companies to transact with each other for mutual benefit. Brands include DriveMyCar, MyCaravan and Mobilise.

Collaborate enables asset owners to generate income from idle assets by safely and easily renting them to others who require temporary access to the assets. Renting assets is no longer the exclusive domain of dedicated rental companies. We are embracing the trend from ownership to access and reinventing the way that assets are owned, monetised and used.

Collaborate operates online marketplaces in the car, caravan and equipment rental industries. Growing from an initial focus on consumer transactions, the marketplaces are pursuing higher growth from business transactions through relationships with Australian and multinational companies such as Aon, InterLeasing, Subaru, Orix and Uber.

Through our proprietary PeerPass® verification platform we create trust by managing ID verification, credit checks, payments and feedback – maximising the potential for safe and efficient transactions.

Category: Automobiles, Marketplace
Operational Status: Active
ASX Listing Code (if applicable): CL8
Year of Commencement: 2010
State: New South Wales, Victoria
Overseas Operations: No
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