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Clean&Recover provides a proven technological solution enabling mines and industrial sites to manage and treat acid mine drainage (AMD) and mine-influenced water.

Our proprietary electrochemical technology, ElectroClear, is able to:
• Remove contaminants in mine-influenced water and return the treated water for reuse within the mining operation. The technology can be deliver water after treatment to the pH of water needed for operations.
• Remove and capture the metals present in the AMD as useful end-products of the treatment process, as well as extract sulphuric acids and hydrogen.
• Treat water to a standard where it can be discharged to the environment for use in communities, the environment, industries, and agriculture.

ElectroClear can deliver AMD treatment at lower cost and more reliably than existing lime- or caustic soda-based treatments and avoids the safety risks and negative impacts of transporting, storing, and handling dangerous chemicals.

It helps reduce positive water balance on site, reducing the need to build or extend tailings storage facilities.

To discuss the application of this proven technology at your site, please contact Clean&Recover today.

Category: CleanTech, Resources
Operational Status: Active
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Year of Commencement: 2016

531 Gympie Rd, Kedron QLD 4031, Australia

State: Queensland
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