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Briqwise: commercial finance with attractive interest rates, secured by real estate.

Briqwise brings borrowers and investors together ‚ borrowers who want to purchase real estate on flexible terms, and investors looking for reliable returns on their investments.

After bringing these parties together, Briqwise presents different borrowing and lending options on our platform to identify the one that suits both perspectives. Then, when both parties are happy to proceed, we guarantee a smooth and transparent settlement managed by us ‚ without the time and hassle of bank involvement.

Sound returns, safe and hassle free.

Borrowers want finance on agreeable terms. Investors want solid returns from their investment with little risk.

Briqwise connects like-minded borrowers and investors for commercial finance loans then takes care of the contractual and financial transactions.

In-house expertise

The Briqwise team has extensive experience with loans, real estate and investments. But for extra security on behalf of both the investor and borrower, Briqwise has various expert consultancies in real estate and finance on call.

Entrepreneurs in finance
At Briqwise we are entrepreneurs too, so we understand the need for a fast and transparent process. You will always receive an answer to a financing request promptly. Once your request has been assessed and approved, it doesn't take long (on average two weeks) for financing to be arranged.

Fast, but thorough
Our processes and procedures are ultra-reliable and fully transparent when it comes to assessing the property, the borrower and the investor. That way everyone knows where they stand at all times.

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Year of Commencement: 2021


State: New South Wales
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