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At BrainChip, we have developed a revolutionary Spiking Neuron Adaptive Processor (SNAP) technology that learns autonomously, evolves and associates information just like the human brain.
SNAP is an unsupervised learning system, it recognizes patterns within seconds without having to be pre-programmed to do so. It achieves this by learning from the information on its own, and then later recognizing what it has learned.
SNAP allows us to offer a complete development solution for companies entering the neuromorphic semiconductor chip market. SNAP technology IP is available for licensing for companies seeking to build and use fast, powerful, autonomous learning chips for their products and applications.

Category: AI, Hardware & devices
Operational Status: Active
ASX Listing Code (if applicable): BRN
Year of Commencement: 2004

Brainchip Holdings Ltd
Level 2, 6 Thelma St
West Perth WA 6005

State: Western Australia
Overseas Operations: No
Awards won:

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