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Hospitality venues can now bring a truly dynamic element to their marketing with the launch of Bellr.

Hospitality venues across Australia are being presented with a new way to think about their marketing with the launch of the dynamic promotions platform Bellr.

Taking established promotional and offer-driven platforms to a whole new level, Bellr is the new cashless marketplace, designed to help venues engage with a growing millennial audience.

While existing third-party promotions platforms rely on specials and discounts, Bellr provides the venue itself with 100% autonomy, allowing venue managers to choose the price-point that suits them. The platform provides complete control to the venue over all elements of their promotions, including specific products and dynamic timing and capacity limits. This means that venues can still offer discounts, but they can now also promote special cocktails or interesting food and drink combinations to attract consumers – and still charge full price.

Category: Adtech & martech, Food & drink
Operational Status: Active
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Year of Commencement: 2018

Adelaide South Australia

State: South Australia
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