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Retailers can monitor the rewards and discount they are giving their customers and see how effective it is at keeping their customers coming back.

Register and download our simple Point of Sale (POS) application from the App Store, adjust your reward level and start rewarding your customers today. You will receive a box of BEELoyal cards as part of your Promotional Pack in the mail.

Customers now only need 1 Loyalty Card (or none with a smart phone). They can earn and claim rewards every time they shop at participating stores.

Collect a BEELoyal Card at any store and start collecting rewards straight away. If you register for a free BEELoyal Web Account or Download the App to your Phone you can monitor your points and protect them in case you lose your card.

Category: Business software
Operational Status: No-longer active
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Subiaco, Perth, Western Austraia

State: Western Australia
Overseas Operations: No
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