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Period protection shouldn’t come at a great cost to you… or the environment. We also believe that period protection should be simple and adaptable. (Ok, two things). Bambody was born in Queensland, Australia in 2018. Like many people, we were starting to feel overwhelmed by the environmental damage caused by single-use products, and we wanted to do something that would make a real impact. One of our team members just so happened to have a background in underwear design, and BAM! Bambody was born. Since then, we’ve offered a range of comfortable, affordable and effective bamboo period underwear that helps to reduce leakages and landfill. Whether you use Bambody underwear as extra protection, or to replace your disposable products, Bambody will fit easily into your period protection arsenal, offering you flexibility and peace of mind. We’re a small team – and we’re dedicated to helping you. So, if you ever need any assistance, or if you’d like to offer a suggestion, we’d love to hear from you

Category: Health & biotech
Operational Status: Active
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Year of Commencement: 2018

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

State: Queensland
Overseas Operations: No
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