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Australian Museum of Design was created in 2022 by Margaux Everett and David Lennie, to be the custodian of more than 7,500 hand-drawn, original designs from Australian artists and designers since 1960c.

Design History is considered very important in most developed countries throughout the world. In France, for example, they protect their design heritage by collating, digitising and printing the greats for consumption by the general public - all for the sake of the arts. Here in Australia we, as a young and maturing nation, have not placed quite the same values, especially in relation to design.

The design community and Australian institutions acknowledge there isn’t another equivalent of our collection

The worldwide revival of Florence Broadhurst by Signature Prints was the result of David Lennie restoring a few of the original designs from the collection and bringing them to life again. The Florence Broadhurst resurrection was seen through artwork, fashion, wallpapers, home decorating, books and films. The designs were used by designers including Akira and Kate Spade and were seen in hotels, airports and restaurants across the globe – a fine example of what can happen with preserved design.

Our mission is to celebrate the world of past, hand drawn, Australian Designs and educate current and future designers and interested parties on their value in an enjoyable way.

Margaux Everett, lover of all things creative, she saw the opportunity to bring the ‘lost designs’ to life using her Hyper Hub platform – thus making each and every design accessible for everyone, globally.

David Lennie, silk screen printer, owner of Signature Prints and lover of the arts is a strong believer in assisting Australia’s maturation as he believes our growth as a nation is evident in the use of design in everyday life. He places a strong value on design – from garments to furnishings and beyond, and believes this to be part of our design growth story.

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Year of Commencement: 2022

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