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To succeed on all levels in today's business world, excellent communication skills are absolutely vital.
The Art of Comms app provides the perfect platform for you to be part of a dynamic, professional learning and sharing community, created by you, your colleagues and your friends.

The app helps you prepare and rehearse for presentations, meetings, speeches and job interviews, and receive feedback, in just three simple steps...

1: Use the camera or mic within the app to film or record yourself rehearsing.

2: Choose who you want to share your video or audio file with.

3: Receive peer review based on the Art of Comms evaluation framework.

This will give you invaluable feedback to help you deliver with confidence, style and passion on the day.

You can also...

* Share a video of a presentation you've already delivered, so the reviews will help you be even better next time.

* Choose to receive a review from a professional coach on our team.

With interactive, professional video tutorials that guide you through the techniques, methodologies and physical exercises for you to do on a regular basis, the app will get you fit in the arena of communication. Once you become fit, you will always be in a state of ready, just like a top athlete, the disciplined training reaps great results. Being an excellent communicator all the time, in all settings, is our goal and vision for you.

Create your user profile and invite your connections. Build your learning and sharing community.

Film or record yourself in the app and choose who you want to share it with to receive peer reviews.

You can also receive a professional review from one of our master coaches.

As a complete package, with the interactive video tutorials, the Art of Comms app provides a real opportunity to make powerful and visible changes to your style. It provides you with the physical techniques to communicate with confidence, style and passion. It will help you strike the right chord with maximum impact.

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Year of Commencement: 2017

Perth, WA

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