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AML3D (ASX:AL3) is redefining the standards of productivity, utilising 3D printing to solve complex challenges with metallurgy, proprietary software and robotics in order to create certified, industrial products more sustainably. AML3D provides additive manufacturing on demand services and is the original equipment manufacturer of Arcemy®, worlds first large production ready metal 3D printers that utilise local materials to create high performance products at the location of use.
The process known as Wire Additive Manufacturing, WAM® welds metal wire to create near net shapes, reducing material waste by 80% and is a more sustainable way of manufacturing as compared to machining from billet.
Arcemy® prints large, industrial products in various metals and alloys including titanium, aluminium, nickel, stainless /tool / carbon steel for industries such as aerospace, defence, marine and resources.
AML3Ds differentiators include:
- Certified, large scale (1m+) products that meet global standards and are in service
- Free form manufacture of complex shape products, reducing weight, fabrication or assembly
- Mechanical properties of AML3D products rival that of casting and forging fabrication products
- Manufacture at location of use with local wire feedstock, simplifying supply chain and costs

Customers can utilise manufacturing on demand services at Contract Manufacturing Centres in Adelaide, Australia and Singapore or choose to purchase or hire portable Arcemy® metal 3D printers.
Arcemy® sales will be supported with training and supply of wire consumables. Through the integration of AML3Ds automated WAM® solutions, customers can deliver a step change in the way products are made and position for leadership in the global economy.

Category: Hardware & devices, Robotics
Operational Status: Active
ASX Listing Code (if applicable): AL3
Year of Commencement: 2014

Head Office, 14 Pentland Road, Salisbury South, SA 5106, AU

State: South Australia
Overseas Operations: No
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